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“Franki managed the AdWords for our Ski online travel agency. As an online travel agency operating during a very rocky couple of years during Covid, maximising the effectiveness of our paid search spend was critical. Franki was always responsive, diligent and worked hard to make our dollar work for us. Would 100% recommend.” Amy Mace, Head of Marketing, ANZCRO

Top benefits of advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media Platforms:

  • Customer acquisition: Social media and search platforms are effective for acquiring new customers, driving sales, and/or generating qualified leads.
  • Reach: These platforms have large user bases, which means that your ads have the potential to be seen by a large number of people.
  • Targeting: Target your ads to specific demographics, interests, and locations, which can help you reach the right audience for your products and services.
  • Measurability: Easily track the performance of your ads/campaigns on these platforms with analytics. You can make near instant adjustments as needed to improve results and/or reduce costs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Advertising on these platforms is cost-effective when well-managed. You can set a budget for your campaign and only pay when someone takes a specific action (such as clicking on your ad).
  • Brand awareness: Advertising on these platforms can help increase brand awareness and exposure for your business.

Advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms should not be overlooked, and unless you know what you’re doing, an experience campaign manager will deliver better results and produce more bangs for your limited advertising budget.

Expert campaign management from only $330/month

Targeted Advertising = Qualified Leads = More Customers

The key to success from online advertising is planning and research. Before we perform services on your website, we will carefully analyse your website, your competitions, and your offerings and discuss the best options for your specific requirements.

To see how we can improve your ROI in online marketing and make your advertising budget goes further, get in touch with us today! Our online marketing experts are here to help your business succeed in the competitive online marketplace.