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Google & Facebook Ads / Pay Per Click / Internet Marketing

Increase sales & profits with targeted online advertising

Like many website owners, you may have heard of the terms SEM, PPC, online/Internet marketing on various forums and blogs and wonders how your site/business can benefit from these services.

SEM stands for “Search Engine Marketing” and PPC for “Pay Per Click” [advertising], both means essentially the same – using search engines and other online services (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) to market and promote your website/business in the internet age.

Because Google and Facebook dominates the Australian Search and social media space with over 94% market share, it makes sense for us to concentrate solely on their Adwords platform. Choosing this path has allowed us to leverage their systems to deliver outstanding results and returns for our customers.

What are the benefits Google & Facebook Advertising?

  • Targeted 24/7 Advertising
  • Fast Results
  • Cost Effective
  • Trackable Results
  • Tailored Budgeting
  • Brand Awareness / Visibility
  • Exceptional Return On Investment

How PPC/Google Ads/Facebook Advertising Works

With Google & Facebook Ads/Pay Per Click advertising, you’re paying for every click a person makes on your ad. Your ad appears whenever a web user searches for a keyword that is directly related to your product or service. Pay Per Click advertising also includes Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest).

Paid ads are the exact opposite of SEO because the ranking of your advertisement depends on the amount of money you invest for each click, your click-through rates (quality of your ad) and it’s relevancy (targeted keywords). PPC offers a faster way to receive qualified traffic to your website. Many campaigns start receiving instant traffic once their campaigns have launched.

Gain More Leads/Customers with Adwords & Pay Per Click

The key to successful results from Adwords/PPC advertising is planning and research. Even before we perform services on your website, we will carefully analyse your website and discuss the best option for you. We believe that every site is unique – there are no two websites exactly the same.

To see how we can improve your ROI in online marketing and make your advertising budget goes further, get in touch with us today! Our PPC/Adwords experts are here to help your business succeed in a competitive online marketplace.

Targeted Advertising = Qualified Leads = More Customers